Meet me at the Hilltop.

Meet me at the Hilltop. For conversation, for collaboration, for a moment to be a part of community. Let’s have a coffee together in the morning, or bring our bikes in for repair and have a beer while we wait. Take me to get a new haircut, or to nibble on something delicious.

It’s just over there: less than a quarter of a mile from the Equal Justice Initiative’s National Memorial for Peace and Justice. It’s down the street from where Rosa Parks said “nah.” Remember the march from Selma to Montgomery? It’s right there, on that route. Civil rights advocates have marched this street.

It’s that old building that was once a house. And a soda fountain. I think my grandparents got their taxes done there.  Let’s reclaim the part of history that belongs to us, and refuse to forget how far we’ve come.


Unit 1: Maple's Coffee Parlour

A down-to-Earth spot serving caffeinated classic favorites and international sips, from flat whites to Thai iced coffee.
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Unit 3: Smudge's Bike and Brew

Get your bike fixed while watching a fox beg you for cheese. No extra charge for additional fur in your beverage.
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Unit 5: Seville at Hilltop

A modern salon offering everything your heart can dream of, except the Karen bob.
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Cheesecake Empori-Yum

Come grab a light bite at the Empori-Yum! It isn't just cheesecake - come find out what else there is to offer!

On Deck

November 25, 2020: All units closed Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2, 2020: Pajama and puppy party at the club house